Caring Counseling Center in Boise, ID

At Creswell Counseling Centers our therapists specialize in treating Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Trauma, and Relationship Issues in the Boise, ID area. We have expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Existential Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. Because of our knowledge and experience in these approaches, we can take a highly individualized approach to each person coming to our center for help with mental health.


Creswell Counseling Center is founded on a CLEAR set of values
Compassion: We care very deeply about our clients and their issues. We are dedicated to helping each one to move forward with life.

Listening: We wish to understand our clients and what they are facing. We know that in order to understand we must listen intently.

Excellence: We are dedicated to giving our clients the best care we can. We work hard to provide quality care.

Affordablity: We strive to provide quality services at an affordable price. We believe strongly that mental health services should be within the reach of the people who need it.

Respect: We recognize that each person is an individual. We pay special consideration to finding and building on each person's strengths.

Emotional First Aid

Worried Woman | Creswell Counseling Center LLC | Boise, ID
For Depression
Do something new/different
Talk to a friend
Do an act of service
Make a gratitude list
Keep a schedule
For Anxiety
Practice slow, deep breathing
Exercise using the big muscles
Expose yourself to what makes you anxious
Make a list of your worries
Only worry when you have made an appointment with yourself to worry. When the time is up, do something else.
Crying Woman | Creswell Counseling Center LLC | Boise, ID
For Better Sleep
Avoid caffeine after 5pm
Avoid alcohol late a night
Exercise, but not in the late evening
Avoid TV in the bedroom
Have a consistent bedtime
Have a cool bedroom
Avoid bright lights in the bedroom Read more
For Stress Relief
Exercise regularly
Breathe deeply
Talk to a friend
Take a 1 minute break and imagine you are some place wonderful
Read a good book
If these Emotional First Aid ideas are not enough, please seek professional help


I wouldn't have made it through my horrible depression without your help and your caring. I bet you never thought you'd hear me say I'm happy. Thank you for saving my life and not giving up on me---T.C.
For more information about getting help with mental health in Boise, call us today. (208)863-1404